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Business Insights
"Taste the relish to be found in competition - in having put forth the best within you." - Henry Kaiser.
Competitive Intelligence
During an era of information overload, it is critical for decision makers to obtain relevant information as quickly as possible, and to filter out the data that doesn’t impact their businesses. We help decision makers meet their goals through our market insights offering. We gather and analyze meaningful information through advanced market intelligence platforms, tracking industry intelligence and competitor intelligence.
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Competitive Value Analysis
Many companies conduct ad-hoc internal reviews of some of their bids, but a successful Win/Loss program is more comprehensive. Win/Loss analysis is an ongoing, systematic analysis of why a company’s deals are won and lost. The process is simple, but the results are powerful because they help decision makers implement company-wide changes. The aggregation of information and data over times lets us deliver recommendations about value proposition, product features, positioning strategies, and sales approaches, so that clients can ultimately increase sales. This powerful tool can help clients understand customer priorities and meet them better than their competitors.
Actionable thought leadership
Our thought leadership research provides timely insights about competitor-level initiatives, industry trends, and overall market dynamics. Clients can use the findings to make significant decisions about R&D, branding, commercialization strategies, marketing and sales, and other aspects of their businesses. Primary research involves collecting qualitative data directly through interviews with competitors and subject matter experts. Secondary research may be used to develop a baseline of knowledge from publicly available sources, but real conversations provide the most powerful information and actionable intelligence. We enrich our client’s content program by delivering customized insights derived from our thorough whitespace analysis, rigorous primary and secondary research capabilities, and deep industry- expert network. With our help, clients can more efficiently and effectively produce the data-rich content their audiences demand.
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