Technology Business Management (TBM)
Struggling to demonstrate and justify IT spend that underpins growth? Tired of rising costs due to the business consuming IT like it’s an unlimited free resource? Or business leaders complaining IT cost allocations are unfair or arbitrary?

Change the conversation around IT charges, and empower your business partners to make informed and efficient spend decisions . Deploy standard and validated TBM best practices to communicate the cost, quality, and value of IT spend and investments to your business partners. The actionable insights we provide ensure that every IT leader can translate their IT spending into tangible business outcomes:


Change the Conversation around IT Costing:

We empower CIOs with the tools to focus the conversation on their key business strategies. This way they are able to :Shift Spend to accelerate innovation; Drive shared accountability for technology Investments and provide business partners with levers of choice to influence their costs.

Optimize cost. Invest for growth:

CostPerform's cost Transparency automates analysis of your available IT cost data so you can quickly uncover insights to drive business value. 

Increase budget accuracy. Recover spend:

In collaboration with CostPerform's TBM software, we automate and accelerate IT planning and variance analysis, fostering greater accountability, increased plan accuracy, and the agility to free up budget to fund other initiatives.

Think Small agile increments, Act early:

Implementing a TBM solution will allow quick action and drive accountability for product and project value delivery. It will empower agile action while keeping costs in check.

IT Billing the Business Understands:

We help the IT function deliver a defensible and predictable bill to business consumers that communicates IT costs in the language the business understands.


Quantify Performance of IT Development:

We provide a unique combination of financial and execution analytics to measure value delivery, cost of quality and labor utilization for organizations using best-practice TBM methodologies.