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CostPerform is used by over 400+ clients globally, spanning a variety of industries.

CostPerform is used in the UK by 3 of the largest Telecoms Providers. The applications vary from regulatory reporting as well as competitive and profitability analysis.

Our LRIC and FAC modules are well recognised throughout the industry.


Most Dutch hospitals use CostPerform to calculate the unit and total costs of their procedures and Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs). The models used by the hospitals are large, containing 20-80.000 activities, resources, and DRG’s, and 100-400.000 allocations.


Hospitals use information from CostPerform to negotiate rates with insurance companies (simulation function) and to feed detailed results into hospital benchmark databases.

“CostPerform has been instrumental in analysing impacts of various regulatory scenarios .”  

CostPerform has been applied in the UK water industry to satisfy regulator requirements. In addition to supporting PR19 compliance, consultants have assessed CostPerform's ability to play a pivotal role in providing competitive information in support of key commercial and pricing decisions.



CostPerform is being used by various Federal Government agencies in the US, in addition to agencies in other countries. It is used for output costing, fee studies, IT costing, Performance and Scenario analyses, capacity analyses, financial analyses of Lean Initiatives, and Budgeting and Forecasting.


CostPerform is used by more than 100 Swedish city councils. The cost model calculates the cost of care for elderly people. The models also include qualitative measures to analyze costs of care and quality of services.


A Belgium-based university uses CostPerform to calculate the cost of each course offering and uses the information to seek cost improvement options.

An Australian-based university calculates its costs and unit costs per student type/course combination and feeds the results into its generic reporting environment.